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Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 65 - Love of Reading

I am blessed with children who have a love of reading.  They did not start that way, I had to find what motivated them to read at first.  To start off, I found they had little interest in 'stories' but in reading non-fiction.  They read better when they were actually learning about something real.  This motivated them as I checked them out books by subject that interested them at various times, bugs, animals, as they progressed in their reading they went straight into chapter books of their choosing.  Always more interesting if they picked it out themselves.

I only wish I could share their passion of reading, I have checked out several books right along side them from the library, my problem, I get a page or to in, I zonk right out, I joke that I'm a book narcoleptic, but seriously, its what happens, totally weird.  I have not finished a full book in probably a good decade because of it LOL... well aside from bedtime stories ;)

I feel that quiet time and daily reading for children is very important.

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