Lore's 365 Project

What is a 365 Project? A 365 Project is a photography project, you take 1 photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 153 - 182 / June

My 365 Project went on an unintended hiatus due to my going 'unplugged' for an unexpected extended amount of time.  At first it was really hard... all OMGEEE, I've lost my TV and my TV shows... Animal Planet, Food Network... flipping through channels to randomly find 'something' on, even tho we are provided with a guide channel, channel flipping pausing at something interesting until we become uninterested and flipping to the next.

Once bored with that, there was always Facebook, my regular online Photography Forums... all gone.  Days went by and suddenly I began to find myself enjoying a good book, looking to do crafts, wanting to organize and do 'busy work' around the house while listening to the radio.  This 'unplugged' thing was EYEOPENING.

In talking with my husband I told him how much we could really save by NOT turning our cable back ON, by just having internet, even when we got that back, I found myself not really going to my desk to use it, it just was not 'that' interesting anymore.  Sure I wondered what was 'happening' on our favorite shows, so we've picked up Netflix and Hulu and can catch up on our shows 'when we want' but even then, we still, rarely watch TV, when before, I will admit, the thing was 'always' on.  I feel like now we all spend more time together, during this unplugged time my children learned to play chess and became REALLY good!  We didn't become 'unplugged' from technology by choice, but not we have removed some of it by choice by deciding to not have Cable Television, with this we save $100 a month, imagine that!

I felt that once I became 'unplugged' that this 365 project was 'failed'.  As there was no way to post daily photos.  However I have had many requests that now that I am online that I continue, no excuses ;)  "Thank You" :)

Today & Day 153 - 182 Photo "Unplugged"