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What is a 365 Project? A 365 Project is a photography project, you take 1 photo each day for a year on a subject of your choosing and share it with the world.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 29 - Banana

Even as adults we have to have our vices... for me it was this minion in this claw machine at the grocery store... another dollar down the drain when I would go.  I wanted him so badly LOL!  Logic would tell me that there was a point I could have ebay'd a quality plush one at some point... but there is 'the thrill of the win'. 

Well last night while at the husbands work dinner party at a food/game place they had a claw machine FILLED with minions... *bestill my heart* as we are handed a card by his employers to go 'play games and and unwind' I figure I'll try the game a time or 2... or 3... or 4... ok... draining the card... I GOT HIM!  LOL!  We all need to have goals right? ;)


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